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Available Kittens

Double-clicking on the photo slide show ~ it will open to full colour photos
Our kittens are up to six generations away from an Asian Leopard Cat. The kittens are extremely smart and enjoy being in your lives. Many of our kittens can be found in many pedigrees and show-halls. 

The key to a stellar bengal is not by the coat and pattern - it's by looking at them in the shadows and thinking that you have a wildcat in your home! Their coat texture and pattern is an added bonus. That's what our kittens at AkeeraBengal offer.

Some kittens bred at AkeeraBengal

Photos of kittens from prior litters.

~ Our kittens are often reserved before they are born and don't make it to this available page. As luck would have it we have a few litters on the way.  

When searching for a kitten to join your home - search out catteries and make sure they do all the proper health checks and ask them show you the papers. It's most important to have them show you their most recent HCM reports.


We currently do not have kittens available.
Please reach out to our colleagues at:


They are all either in Ontario or will deliver to Toronto.

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