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Our Queens and Studs

We have a limited number of Queens and Sires in our cattery. We have a closed door policy to limit any potential for virus'.

We have attended various cat shows over the years and always come home with ribbons. All of our cats that have been shown are at minimum, Champions.

Photos below are our past, current and future Queens and Sires.


We have had a variety of golden/brown bengals - ranging from a lovely Cool Brown with a creamy base coat and pitch black rosettes to the Sorrel (orange) Brown beauties with softer brown rosettes.


Our Brown Girls are:


Our silvers and silver charcoals have stunning silver/white/grey base-coats and stunning black rosettes.


Our Silver Boys are:

Our Silver Girls are:


Snow - Seal Lynx, Seal Mink & Seal Sepia

The Seal Lynx Point (SLP) have piercing blue eyes that do not change colour as they get older. Seal Mink (Mink) kitties have aqua/green eyes.  Their coats are a silky white base with stunning beige rosettes.  A true snow leopard come to life!

The Seal Sepia kitties are real stunners with a pale gold eye/green colour.... unlike most you may have seen

Our Snow Girls are:

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