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Basic Raw Recipie



You do not need to do a full mix right from the start.. You can just get a chicken and chop that up, see how it goes, next time get a bit of liver and add that in, next time try eggs, next time try liver and kidney mix...

You can work up to it over a few weeks, then if there is something they don't like it's easier to spot..

They need more than just chicken. Over time ~ not over a day or even a week.. Like us they can eat junk food for a week and not die, so you do not have to create a full balanced cat food right from day one you can build up to it over a few weeks..

Likewise if one week you cannot get any organ meats is not a problem, it's only a problem if you miss organ meat for two or three months...

If you feed everything over time ~ all is good, does not have to be every single meal


You would start off with a snack sized baggie of food. You would either increase or decrease depending on how much they are eating.

You do not limit kittens on their intake. It is pretty difficult for a kitten to overeat.


Adults should have approximately 3% of their ideal weight - but may have to be slightly adjusted...

If you get up to about 5-7% and they start gaining weight, then cut back.

As an adult female, they would be approximately 6-9 lbs... which would be between 9 & 14 tablespoons of food. (or if you have a scale, then between 136g and 204g.)

As an adult male, they would be approximately 12-20 lbs… which would be between 18 & 30 tablespoons of food (or if you have a scale, then between 272g and 450g)



Buy the following from your grocery store:


1.5kg whole Chicken

150g of liver, 200g of heart or other red meat

Chop it into chunks about 1 or 2 inches, chop the organs smaller

De-bone the legs and let them chew the leg bones if they want - if not throw them out. (as adults, they will even eat the neck)

Chuck it all in a bucket.

Add a raw egg or two

A small tin of sardines (drained well)

Put in a cup or two of water

Mix/stir, portion, freeze.. Job done


If you are on Facebook - please join "Cats Completely Raw and Proud (CRAP)" - they are a wonderful resource centre!


Also search "Raw Cat Food" on YouTube for videos on ground or chuncked raw cat food processes.


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