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Suprise litters

We have had a very unusual summer 2014!

We have had a couple of large litters ~ mainly boys... followed by three litters of one baby each!

Boudica x Thunder had one baby girl on August 18th that we are calling Brandy. She will be a future Queen at AkeeraBengal

Crystal Delight (aka Candy) and Thunder also had one little girl on September 9th. This little girl is such a sweetheart that she already snagged her forever home when she was one day old!

Ruby x Renegade had their singleton baby ~ a GIRL (maybe we should nic-name her Solo) ;) Solo made her way into this world on September 12th. All momma's and babies are doing wonderful. These litters are the last litters for all three beautiful Queens - who will be retired into pampered forever homes of their own. We are also expecting some other litters (if the mating was successful). Even after all these years, sometimes we just have to wait and see. The girls have small bellies ~ so either they have gained a bit of weight or they are expecting.... stay tuned for more information and updates on available kittens. We do retain a list for people who express interest and call them as soon as we have a kitten that they are looking for that is available. We are also very excited to announce that we are expecting some new kitties to our Pride.... names and photos to follow ~ as soon as they arrive! Can't wait!!

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